Moritzbergs Ironman

(Michigans White Lightning x Marielunds Amir Hi Hope 33')
AMHA / EUSAM, blue roan, 2023,

Iceman 07_2023
Iceman 07_2023
Michigans White Lightning
Michigans Man of Steel
Michigans In The Spotlight
Marielunds Amir Hi Hope 33'
Aloha Acres Amir OR IC 3
Mountain Meadows Amir 33'
Lucky Four Impressive Marietta 32'
Lucky Four Galahads Impressive
Lucky Four Apaches Sweetheart
 AMHA 243750 / AMHR pending

Very refined 50 % shetland bred colt. Showy and fancy mover.
Homozygot black. Will stay around 32". 

Color Test:     E/E        a/a        LWO/overo: negative
Dwarf Test: negative