Ten Ls Legacys Say it Again

(Ten Ls Tigers Legacy x Bertrands High Class Lass)
AMHA/AMHR/ASPC, black pinto, 2012, 33,5'

Breeder: Ten L Farm, USA

Ten Ls Legacys Say it Again
Ten Ls Legacys Say it Again
Ten Ls Tigers Legacy
C&S Tiger
H.P. Jericho's New Image (HOF)
C&S Painted Bree
Captain's Little Lassie
Master's Golden Supreme C.
WaFull Captains Lovely Lass
Bertrands High Class Lass
RHF Raven's Huck
JC‘s Raven
Mitchells RHM Storm
Bertrands Fith Avenue
Willolawn's Jack of Diamonds
Fifty Plus
 AMHA 211574 - AMHR 317401 - ASPC 162821
Sia is a great little mare with show winners over and over in her pedigree and she is a eyecatcher for sure. 

Colour Test:  LWO  N/N, sabino N/N, tobiano N/TO, Splash N/SW1, White N/W20
ACAN/Dwarf:  negative

Breeding career

2019 - colt
2021 - bred to Ten Ls All Decked Out