About Us

Our farm is located about 15 kilometers north east of Nuremberg.

At one of the most beautiful parts of Bavaria, conveniently reachable from the airports Munich (2 hrs) and Nürnberg (30 min.). We are considered a mid size farm with approximately 15 mature horses/ponies and foals at any given time.

The Stud was built to be an enjoyable place for horses as well as for people in a beautiful surrounding. The barn and the training facilities are designed to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere. The horses live in big pastures with outside barns.

THE PAST       since 1965  - - - FARM IS CLOSING ITS DOORS - - -


For the past 40+ years our family has bred and exhibited Thoroughbreds - the most famous was our Arc de Triumph winner Star Appeal, he stands many years in Newmarket/GB before he died during a lease in New Zealand. In the '70s we started with Arabians, we bought the stallion *Salon (sold to USA), later who became very famous and one of the rare daughters of Nazeer, Foze. In the early 1980's, we showed extensively on the Arabian circuit and won several Championships. Then in the early 1990's classic Shetlands arrived on our farm followed by Miniature Horses.


family Our farm strives to produce miniature horses with proportionate Arabian like conformation who has fluid full-size horse movement, eager to please dispositions, and eye-catching colour. We specialize in 32” and under AMHA/AMHR miniatures, most double registered. „I belief that mares are the true foundation of any successful breeding program. We keep daughters and grand-daughter of our mares, to see what they will produce for us. And then we decide, if the dam can stamp her offsping. We cherish our mare lines, and some of our female lines are quite rare with few progeny worldwide. Over the years we know their producing possibilites, their advantages and their faults. '


Abu Allah - Grosshill EKs Genesis We outcrossing by using different stallions, with foremost attention to the dam lines. Since 2016 we use also AMHR stallions for our taller mares. In partnerhsip with my friend - K & K = Father and son Krauss - we have soem B Miniatures here. We will see what this way will bring us in the next years......

All of our horses are individually cared for and are feed top quality feed sources and our own produced hay to ensure tip top health and growth and are current on all vaccinations, deworming and hoof care.

Should you have any questions, or require further information on a specific horse or in what horses we have bred for spring foals crops, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take a look around! If you see something that interests you, send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Visitors are always welcome by appointment.

Christina Zeitelhack


- fill in and correspondence with AMHA und AMHR papers
- breeding reports, foal registration
- help with Import from USA, custom paperwork etc.

Photos by Jonna Jornientz, Liz McMillan, Sandy Revard, C. Zeitelhack